For every ten start-ups that get launched, nine will fail.

Running a start-up is risky enough—get Start-up Insurance that will protect you and your business against unforeseen damages, and keep your start-up in the green. Express Service Insurance’s Start-Up Insurance will provide coverage from some of the country’s top carriers, at a price that will work with your start-up’s bootstrapped budget.

As a start-up, it is easy to forget that your business needs protection like other more traditional businesses. However, every product and service—whether it is a car or some code—has the potential to possibly damage your customer. California E&O Insurance and General Liability Insurance will protect you and your company against any damages or allegations of damage from outside parties that could cripple your start-up’s chances of future success.

Start-Up Insurance is not just highly recommended—it consists of general liability, professional liability, workers compensation, etc. The State of California mandates that any small business or start-up that has any employees must have Workers Compensation Insurance in California. The moment your start-up is comprised of both founders and employees, your start-up is subject to heavy fines and penalties if it is found to not have the proper insurance coverage for your employees, which would protect your employees against any damages incurred in their line of work.

Start-ups will always try to keep lean, minimizing as many costs as possible. However, insurance is not a cost—it’s an investment. A Start-up Insurance policy is your best defense against unforeseen risks in the future, protecting your company, your assets, and your team.

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, Express Service Insurance has witnessed all the struggles and bumps that can afflict start-ups, and we have truly seen it all. Our insurance experts know what it is like to run a start-up, and we can help you find an insurance policy that is best for you and your business.

Get back to what you do best; let us handle the rest.


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