As a restaurant owner, you have many things to worry about: customer lawsuits, property damages, and employee injuries can ruin even the most diligent of restaurants. Rebuilding your restaurant after a lawsuit or a natural disaster is both strenuous and costly if attempted without any kind of insurance policy.

Let Express Service Insurance secure you and your restaurant insurance policies like General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and Property Insurance, from some of the top California business insurance carriers. Express Service Insurance can get from major providers like Travelers, Employers, Markel, Mercury, Hartford and Allied.

There are countless combinations of policies that can protect your restaurant from a wide variety of damages and events. California Workers Compensation Insurance covers your workforce while on the job from any work related injury or illness. General Liability Insurance is one of the most basic and necessary policies and it protects you against any injuries that happen on your restaurant’s grounds, food-related illnesses, as well as any damages caused by any advertising done on behalf of your restaurant.