If you are a renter in California, it’s a great idea to get renters insurance to cover your personal belongings and your personal liability. Usually when renting a new unit, the landlord will make it part of your lease agreement to have renters insurance. Don’t worry, this is a very inexpensive insurance to get. Especially when you have auto insurance – combining your renters insurance with the same company will give you a substantial discount. 

With personal liability coverage, you get protection if you get sued ​for any reason – both physical or mental claims. Ex. if you accidentally cause a fire that spreads to your neighbors unit, they will have damage to their personal property that you will be responsible for replacing. Another example is if someone trips/falls in your unit and decides to sue you. Just remember that this part of your renters insurance covers you anywhere. 

​The Personal property coverage will cover your personal possessions from a covered loss (ex. fire, water damage, and theft). 

Tip: 10% of you’re personal property coverage limits will be covered for your property while outside of your unit. This becomes a very helpful coverage to have if your stuff gets stolen when someone breaks into your car. ​

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