Your home is the most important asset you have. Its important that you get it insured properly with the suitable insurance carrier at the most competitive premium. Underinsuring your home is illegal so we make sure that you are adequately covered in case of a total loss. At Express Service Insurance, we have the ability to insure single family homes, duplexes, town homes, condominiums, rental properties and renters. 

Finding an insurance carrier that fits you is a painstaking task. Let us do the shopping around for you. Our goal is to make sure you understand your insurance as well as servicing your account for any future needs.​​

Homeowners Insurance Lingo:​

Lets get you familiar with the different working parts of your homeowners insurance. Keep in mind these coverages are pretty much universal for single family homes, condominiums, duplexes or a property with four units or less. 

​Dwelling Coverage: This is the most important part of your home insurance. Its also called Coverage A and is the core insurance that covers your home. 

Other Structures: If you have a shed or detached garage on your property, this is what covers that. This is always at 10% of your dwelling coverage. This is also called Coverage B.​

Personal Property: Almost always automatically at 75% of your dwelling coverage – this covers the personal objects in your home. A good example is furniture, clothing, electronics, artwork, etc. Some items are not covered in what is also called Coverage C. Property like jewelry, bullion, firearms, fine rugs, and silverware is limited in coverage and needs to be scheduled on your policy for an additional cost. This gets you the full appraised value of these items. ​

Loss of Use: Or also know as Coverage D, is essential coverage when you have an insurance claim and have to vacate your home for it to be repaired. The insurance carrier will pay for a like size and quality temporary home while the home is under construction. The coverage amounts can vary, but we usually see 20% of dwelling coverage.​

Personal Liability: Probably the second most important coverage you get after dwelling coverage. People in California get suede left and right. Whether you are at fault or not, getting pulled into a lawsuit is very expensive. This covers physical or mental harm you can do to another. This also covers damage that you can do to a neighbors house – like a tree on your property falls on your neighbors causing damage to their home. This liability coverage covers all household members in and out of your home. This is also called Coverage E. ​

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