​Auto insurance is a necessity to cover your vehicle, and to cover any liability that can come about from causing an accident.

Protect your assets with the proper liability limits. A large auto accident that you are found at-fault for can decimate your savings as well as the risk of loosing your home or other assets you may have. If your assets are at $1,000,000 or more, consider getting an umbrella policy.

Whether you just bought a car that fits your lifestyle or a car that you have always dreamed of owning, remember that you need to have full coverage to protect that vehicle from accidents while driving or while the car is parked.​ Without full coverage, all damage to the vehicle will be paid from your own pocket.

California Auto Insurance Tips

In California you are required to have liability insurance on your vehicle regardless if its new or old. The minimum liability requirements are $15,000 per person for bodily injury and $30,000 per accident. Also, property damage limits need to be at least $5,000 in order for you to legally drive a car on the road. ​

If you are financing or leasing a vehicle, it is required by the bank ​to have full coverage. That means you have to have comprehensive and collision coverage for your vehicle. When leasing, you also have to uphold minimum liability limits of $100,000 per person and $300,000 per accident for bodily injury as well as a minimum of $100,000 in property damage. 

Those drivers that require an SR-22 filling due to driving history, will need to have auto insurance without lapse in coverage for three years. 

Auto Insurance Lingo

  • Liability: This is the minimum required insurance coverage you need in order to drive in the state of California. Your insurance company covers for the damages caused to others when you are at fault in case of an accident. It also covers the services of an attorney to defend your case when you are sued after an accident. Bodily injury liability feature covers the medical bills of the person who got injured during an auto accident when you are at fault. Property damage liability feature covers the property/ies you damaged during an accident.
  • Uninsured/Under insured Motorist: This coverage feature covers expenses for bodily injury to you and other drivers/passengers whom travelled in your insured vehicle, for accidents caused by uninsured/underinsured drivers. However, underinsured drivers who have low liability insurance limits don’t fully cover your medical bills or your auto repair costs.
  • Collision: This feature covers damages caused to your vehicle that incurred as a result of a covered accident, regardless of fault in the collision. A deductible amount will be deducted from the total insurance expenses of a collision claim. In other words the features covers repair costs when you are at-fault in an auto accident and your vehicle has been damaged.
  • Comprehensive: Protects and covers your features/expenses in an event of your vehicle being damaged due to theft, vandalism, flood and other covered perils or natural disasters. A deductible fee will be deducted from the total insurance payout of a comprehensive claim. For example, the feature will cover expenses at the instance of your car being stolen while parked on the street.
  • Medical Payments: This feature of our auto insurance packages covers medical expenses for you and your passengers when you are injured at the event of an auto accident, irrespective of whose fault it was that caused the accident. This coverage pays for the upfront medical costs that you are bound to incur while seeking for medical attention following an automobile accident. Without medical expense coverage, bodily injury claims are not paid out until all services are rendered.
  • Rental Reimbursement: This coverage pays for the daily expense of renting a vehicle while your car is in the shop following an auto collision. Rental reimbursement insurance has various options on the daily car rental price. You are able to use any car rental agency of your choosing. There is usually a limit of 30 days of coverage for rental reimbursement.
    • $20 a day/30 days
    • $30 a day/30 days
    • $40 a day/30 days
    • $50 a day/30 days
  • Loan/Lease gap coverage: When your vehicle is in a total loss accident scenario, this coverage is the difference between your deductible fees and the total loss payout for the covered auto accident.
  • Towing and Roadside Assistance coverage: This feature covers the cost of Towing and Labor when required and imperative. This feature covers expenses for services provided when your car breaks.

​Available Discounts that will help you save more

Our rates are already among the lowest in the industry, but that’s just the beginning. You can save a lot more with many of our discount features available for many of our insurance packages. Discount features available for auto insurance packages include:

  • Good-Driver Discount (1 point or less on your driving record)
  • Multi-Car Discount (one or more vehicles insured with the same company)
  • College Graduate Discount
  • Engineer or Science degree from a 4 year university or higher level of learning.
  • Anti-Theft Device Discount
  • Good Student Discount (3.0 G.P.A or higher at a full time high-school or university)
  • Multi-Policy Discount (auto + home discount)


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