Keep your workforce healthy and happy with excellent health benefits. Health Insurance ​​​​​​​​​​​covers your employees while they are not on the job and protects them from unrelated health issues from occupation exposure. Workers Compensation Insurance​ covers your employees while they are on the job, and occupational injuries. In California, restaurant insurance, workers compensations, and group health are all highly recommended for employers due to possible repercussions.

​Health Benefits can be a deciding factor for an employee on figuring out what job offer they would like to accept. This can be the determining factor that gets you the talent you need to grow your business. Since this type of insurance is expensive in California, it plays a big role in the decision making for the employee.

As an employer, you #1 concern is cost. We will be able to get you the richest benefits for the premium you are able to afford. ​

Tips: Employers can decide on the contribution level towards their employees’ premium. You can also decide if you want to cover dependents. ​

We can tailor plans to your needs as a business. Smaller new businesses may not want to have a high expense at first. That is why we recommend less expensive plans until your renewal. At that point we can decide if you want to increase contribution levels or what plans you want to offer your employees. ​

Rates are fixed for the year and changes cannot be made mid-year unless they are one of the few exceptions allowed by Insurance companies in California. For example, if your spouse wants to be added after losing his/her job from their employer. ​

​Whether you are looking to offer affordable benefits or if you are looking to offer benefits from California restaurant insurance – we have the ability to get you Group Health Insurance​ with carriers like Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Kaiser, Aetna and HealthNet. By filling out this form, we will be able to send you a detailed proposal with comparisons between all of the biggest carriers in California. After getting a proposal from us, we can go over the options and make sure you understand how we can tailor the health benefits to your business needs. We specialize in restaurant insurance in California and small group health for businesses with 2-50 employees.

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