At Express Service Insurance, our Commercial Auto​ rates are the most competitive in the industry backed by the largest insurance companies. If you have one vehicle for your business or if you have a fleet of vehicles, we will be able to make sure you get the best package. 

As a business in California you are required to have Commercial Auto Insurance ​if:

  • Vehicle is registered under a business name
  • Advertise on the vehicle
  • A business that requires this type of insurance to be able to operate. 

There are great advantages with getting a Business Auto Insurance Policy​. The biggest one is the ability to have higher combined limits for Bodily Injury and Property Damage​. ​​Typically on personal auto insurance you have split limits and no higher than $250,000/$500,000. With Commercial Auto​ Insurance​ you can get up to $1,000,000. If you need more coverage, we can always help you get a Business Umbrella​ policy to cover your business assets. 

Another advantage is when taking your tools or other items out of your vehicle and cause damage to another vehicle in the process – It will be covered under Commercial Auto Insurance​. This will not be covered on Personal Auto Insurance.

Advertising on a vehicle can bring you revenue as an inexpensive way to advertise. Problem is that if you have advertisements on your vehicle and a policy officer stops you, they can give you a hefty ticket for not having the proper type of insurance. With Commercial Auto Insurance​ that is not a worry and you can safely advertise on your vehicle.

​Depending on your business, there are fillings with the State of California that you may be required to obtain. Other types of business that we have experience insuring need certain endorsements that are only available on commercial auto policies. For example, if you are a licensed moving company in California, you will need to obtain cargo coverage.

If you are also in need for other types of Business Insurance​ – We may be able to get a package quote with one of our top insurance carriers in California.

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