California Business Owners Policies are set up to cover restaurant insurance in California as well as the Business Personal Property coverage a business needs. As a package policy your business will receive many benefits that will be beneficial to you and your business if an insurance claim was to occur. The General Liability portion of this package can cover trip and fall situations, property liability, product liability, advertising and personal injury. Limits of insurance can vary as well as other added benefits that can be tagged on.
The Business Personal Property coverage is essential when you need to cover property that your business you own inside and outside of your place of business. The most typical properties that businesses cover are furniture, computers, machinery, and inventory.
There are many different insurance endorsements that we can add to appease your clients or landlords. The most common endorsements are Blanket Additional Insureds, Waiver of Subrogation and Primary non-contributory wording. Many of our insurance carriers offer discounts for years in business, claims free, and multi-policies within the same company.
At Express Service Insurance, we only offer top rated financial carriers with excellent rates and BOP (Business Owners Policies) with rich benefits. If our top rated admitted carriers are not a perfect fit due to the nature of your business, we have access to over 50+ insurance companies that are non-admitted in the State of California, such as Lloyds of London, Nautilus, Century, and many more.

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